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When should you hire a remote marketing team?

Should you hire a remote marketing team

One of the advantages of doing business in current times  is having the opportunity to hire and work with a global workforce.

The rise of the information age and tools such as Skype and Slack provides companies of all shapes and sizes with the ability to hire anywhere at anytime.  

Marketing in specific tends to gain from this development.   

As digital marketing becomes more ubiquitous and knowledge of a CPC (cost per click) becomes as important as  knowledge of creative and messaging, most tasks not only could be handled remotely but would gain from the ability of having an “always on” workforce.

But just because you can do it, does it mean you should?  

Here are a few occasions when it makes sense:

When you want to reduce agency costs:   The average marketing agency charges from 12% to 15% of marketing spent.  If your budget is above $200K, you can build and manage a remote marketing team for less than than.  In addition, unlike traditional agencies , having a remote marketing team allows you to keep all of your learnings in-house which allows for a smoother transition should you ever decide to hire internally.  Most importantly, unlike agencies your team could be solely dedicated to you and your needs which allows individuals to focus .

When your main marketing channels are digital:   The rise of Facebook and Google Adwords as legitimate marketing platforms that are able to bring both awareness and direct conversions make them hard to ignore.   Thankfully both of these platforms have specialized functions that could be performed anywhere.   

When hiring an internal team is not possible:  In many occasions, companies or businesses find themselves in situations where they have a marketing budget but no staff to put it into place. hiring a remote marketing team may allow for fast hiring and to get up and running without wasting any time. 

Anytime you need additional support:  Rather than wait for the perfect candidates, remote staff provide flexibility and expertise and even if someone doesn’t work out theres greater flexibility to find the right person AND you still get ahead by having someone completing the work until that person gets there. 

In short, in most situations it make sense to have a dedicated team and having that team be remote allows for cost savings, flexibility and getting to market faster.  

If you need help finding, hiring and training a marketing team to run your digital marketing channels please contact us!  

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